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MCDM is a Cloud-Based Device Management System which allows to manage heterogeneous cloud devices using HTML5 compliant Browsers both remotely and centrally. With the goals of making Thin Clients, Cloud Clients and Desktop Devices easy to maintain and deploy in mind, MCDM comes with comprehensive and intuitive graphic user interface (GUI).

The System comprises of Back-end (Server) and Front-end (Client), which Allows Administrators to Manage Thin / Cloud Clients Anytime, Anywhere using Any HTML5 Compliant Browsers.



MCDM server is a physical or virtual hardware that is deployed within a LAN, Intranet, or Internet environment, and provides the roles and services for License Management, Client Device Activation, Account / Member Management, Database Operations / Maintenance, Portal for MCDM Manager Interface, Client Devices Management, Logging / Reporting. These features that are used for device management operations to reduce the IT staffs' management efforts:

● Device View:
The first display after MCDM Manager logged in is a Device View that shows all available MCDM managed client devices. The devices are listed in a Grid View format and allows each columns to be re-arranged in preferred orders. Managers can also pick any column as a key (such as IP, MAC, Group Name, …) for sorting in either ascending or descending order.



● Device Management:
MCDM Manager can perform operations over target client devices for management purposes. These operations include: Assign, Delete, Send Message, Upgrade, Shutdown, Restart, Reset, … etc.



● Messaging:
The “Message” function allows Manager to communicate with MCDM Client devices by sending text message, at the same time, it allows client devices to interact with Manager.



● Remote Management:
This function allows Manager to manage clients from remote by placing configuration files or patching images to a location for use by remote client devices.



● Member Management:
The Member Management consists of two sub-modules:
- License Management: provides the features of creating, authorizing, and activating device license.
- Account Management: supports the maintenance of user accounts including account creation, deletion, privilege settings, … etc.



● Logging:
Supports both System Log and Command Log. Manager can export System Log to an external MS Excel file.



MCDM Clients are a series of Thin / Cloud Client devices managed both centrally and remotely by Managers (Administrators) through MCDM Server. With Built-in Agent and Controlled by MCDM Back-end, Activated / Licensed by MCDM Server

Supported Managed Platforms (Devices):
All x86 Hardware Devices that run the following operating systems:
● Microsoft Windows: CE, XP, 7, 8, 10, Windows Embedded Standard 7, 8, POSReady7
● Linux: 14.04 and above
● Android: 4.x and above
● Phoenix OS
● Remix OS



MCDM Manager Devices:
● Any Hardware Devices that runs HTML5 compliant Browser.
● A User Account Created by MCDM Server's Member Management.



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